Why Corrugated Plastic is your Best Choice for Political Signs



Corrugated plastic is one of the best materials for yard signs because it’s lightweight, weather-resistant, long-lasting, and cost-effective. While Yard Signs are a simple and inexpensive way to get your message noticed, corrugated plastic signs are suited for a wide variety of indoor and outdoor uses. Corrugated plastic signs can be a great choice for your Campaign Yard Signs, Business Yard Signs & Real Estate Yard Signs and that’s why.

The first reason why corrugated plastic is a good choice for your yard signs is its durability. When it is used indoors, corrugated plastic can last from 5 years to more than 20 years. When it is used outside, it can withstand rain, snow, and wind. It is very enduring, but also softer than alternatives like acrylic or polycarbonate.

The second reason why corrugated plastic is suitable for yard signs, whatever they are for business or political purposes, is its price. Corrugated signs are inexpensive and affordable. The higher the quantities, the lower the price per unit. They’re one of the most economic solutions available for outdoor advertising.

corrugated plastic signs

Corrugated plastic signs are easily customizable. You can choose from a wide range of options, including thickness, shape, color, and finish. They can be also printed in full color, single or double-sided, and in multiple sizes, giving you a variety of options to suit your every need.

Corrugated plastic yard signs are digitally printed with environmentally-friendly UV inks for durability. Printed inks maintain their vibrant colors even after extended sunlight exposure. 

Corrugated Plastic Yard Signs are easy to display. H wire sign holders provide quick and easy setup. Slip the sign frame wires into the sign flutes, position the sign, and push it into the ground. 

For use on hard surfaces like sidewalks, corrugated plastic signs can be displayed in portable A-frames or mounted to portable wooden posts. 

For indoor displays, these signs can be easily hung with grommets or with hangers that fit inside the flutes.

Get Started

Corrugated plastic yard signs are easy to order from our storeChoose standard sizes (12×18, 18×24, 24×24, 24×36) or create a custom size. Perfect for outdoor and short-term use, yard signs can be 1 or 2-sided in 1, 2 colors, or full-color. 

We offer two options:

  1. Upload your design (use any image file type, including jpeg, png, PDF, and others) or let us help you with the artwork. 
  2. Or choose from hundreds of professional templates to personalize with your name, logo, contact information, and more.

We offer 20% OFF any Purchase on orders of $100 or more  (maximum discount of $200).

Vote Here ID required yard sign. EPS 10 file. Transparency effects used on highlight elements.

Political Sign Manager

To help you with all your yard signs, VeraPax Marketing created a unique web-based app that allows you to quickly and effectively plan and monitor your campaigns.

Political Sign Manager helps to locate signs on the map, place, or remove them according to regulations of outdoor signage. Also, it allows you to check on time if they are placed and OK or damaged and need to be replaced. 

Using PSM will help you save a ton of money by being able to track your signs in real-time. 

Register for a free trial, and gain a competitive advantage in your political race.